Customer Satisfaction

The Group firmly believes that customer management is a critical aspect of driving its business sustainability. We understand that our customers are the driving force behind our success, and therefore, we prioritise their satisfaction and loyalty. As such, we have implemented a comprehensive customer management strategy that encompasses various aspects of our business, including marketing, product quality, customer services and e-services. Our customer management strategy also includes a strong focus on communication and building lasting relationships with our customers, as we believe this is crucial in ensuring their continued loyalty.


Our customer management approach involves collecting and analysing data about our customers, including their preferences and feedback, which is then used to tailor our products and services to meet their needs and expectations. As part of this approach, survey was conducted every financial year on selected products via questionnaire designed to measure customer satisfaction in terms of sales and marketing services, product quality, complaint management, goods delivery services, finance-related services, and e-business services. For FY 2023, the survey was conducted among the customers of three of our products, namely wire rod, steel pipe, and prestressed concrete steel, with the aim of measuring and calculating the Customer Satisfaction Index (“CSI”) and identifying areas for improvement.

The survey results indicated that customers were moderately satisfied with the services provided to them. The CSI ranged from 77 to 86 across the products. The following table summarises the CSI for each product for the survey years FY 2021 and FY 2022:

FY 2021FY 2022
Wire rod7877
Steel bar77-
Steel mesh73-
Cut and bend72-
Steel pipe-85
Prestressed concrete steel8286

The future plan is to conduct customer survey activities on all products on yearly basis to standardise the practice across the Group.

Supply Chain Management

The Group believes that supply chain management is important for us to remain agile. We aim to manage the supply chain such that the practices can secure stable supply of materials and services at competitive prices with quality and prompt delivery of the products to meet our expectation and specifications.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics outlines our firm stance and stringent standards in terms of social and environmental responsibility. The active partners in our supply chain have communicated their agreement to adhere to our social compliance and ethical policies covering health, safety and environmental standards as indicated in the Supplier Code of Conduct. To this end, we are committed to ethical and transparent procurement practices and sustainable sourcing in order to build a responsible supply chain, supported by rigorous evaluation of our supply chain performance. 

As part of our new supply chain management approach, we will now include the environment, social and governance aspects in our Supply Chain Assessment evaluation apart from the performance aspect of our suppliers. Furthermore, as part of our selection and appointment process, all suppliers must undergo prequalification process, due diligence, evaluation, award and monitoring, whereby relevant criteria is reviewed, including cost, delivery, quality, product and service level. 


Additionally, we periodically review the performance of our key suppliers, as outlined below:

  • Product Application/Quality/Technical Support
  • Delivery
  • Service
  • Packaging/Labelling

Financial YearNo of AssessmentAssessment that meet expectation

At the end of the assessment, the suppliers will be rated as “Good”, “Satisfactory” or “Poor”. Those suppliers in the category of “Poor” will be notified to improve on their performance.

Supporting Local Procurement

Embracing local procurement not only contributes to cost optimisation and efficiency, it also contributes to the growth and sustainability of our local economy. The Group believes that supporting local suppliers will help to create job opportunities and generate income within our community.

In support of our local market, the Group’s spending percentage on local suppliers in FY 2023 amounted to 80% as compared to overseas suppliers of 20%.

Innovation Culture

The Group believes that seeking continuous innovation is the way to sustain in this dynamic and ever-changing world. With 5S as the foundation for continuous improvement, we aim to foster innovative thinking across all levels of personnel.

In FY 2023, as part of the Group’s commitment to innovation and desire to cultivate ESG awareness among the employees, the Group organised its annual Innovation Competition with ESG as an added theme. Each participating employees or group is required to determine which aspect of ESG their project pertains to and demonstrate how it can contribute to the United Nation’s SDGs.

The Group aspires to use the Innovation Competition as an avenue for employees to not only showcase their talents but also to serve as a means to boost engagement and motivation. Participating employees are encouraged to think creatively, adopt sustainability ideas and present their ideas to a broader audience, including senior leaders within the Group.

This recognition and exposure can energise and motivate employees, instilling a sense of purpose and pride in their work. Moreover, the competitive nature of the event can spur healthy competition among employees, driving them to push the boundaries of their innovation capabilities. All participating employees who made it to the Grand Final were rewarded for their efforts and the winners were duly celebrated.

Product and Quality

The Group manufactures a wide range of steel products, with the core products as below:

  • Steel bar for construction
  • Wire rod for construction and industrial applications
  • Steel mesh for construction purposes
  • Prestressed concrete steel wire and strand for construction
  • Steel pipe for construction and industrial applications

(Please refer to Products for details)

We also have steel service centres, which tailor for cutting, bending and forming the steel bar according to specific requirement for construction purposes.

We produce our products with rigorous effort and care to ensure that the product quality meets the mutually agreed local and international standards with our customers. Currently, the Group has 29 products with product licence under the Product Certification Scheme of SIRIM QAS International.

(Please refer to Product Standards under Quality Achievement for details of product certification)

The main testing laboratory in SSB is an accredited laboratory in accordance with MS ISO 17025:2017 General Requirement for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories by the Department of Standard Malaysia. There is another accredited laboratory in SPC. Both laboratories have their own scope of testing which includes tensile test, bend and re-bend test on steel bars for reinforcement of concrete and steel products; tensile test and relaxation test on strand for prestressed concrete; elementary analysis arc spark spectrometry on metal products of stainless steel, carbon and low alloy steel; microstructure and non-metallic inclusion identification on carbon and low alloy steel products.



The Group has also embarked on the journey of progressively getting the products certified with Product EcoLabelling of SIRIM QAS International and MyHijau Mark of Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (“MGTC”). In FY 2023, the Group successfully attained certificates for 8 downstream products of SSM under Product Eco-Labelling Scheme of SIRIM QAS International. The Group will continue the effort to acquire Eco-Labelling certificate for more products in the Group. In the same year, the Group has further attained certification for our eco-labelled steel bar in straight form and wire rod under MyHijau MGTC. 

Site: SSB

Wire Rod:

  • Low Carbon Mesh and Drawing Quality


  • Deformed bar in straight length
  • Plain bar in straight length

Site: SSM Mesh Klang


  • Purpose made fabric
  • Square mesh
  • Structural mesh
  • Long mesh
  • Wrapping mesh

Site: SSM C&B Rawang

Cut and bend shape products: 

  • Deformed bar wire grade B500B of MS146
  • Round bar Grade 250 of MS144

Site: SSM Mesh Prai


  • Purpose made fabric
  • Cold drawn ribbed wire
  • Square mesh
  • Structural mesh
  • Long mesh
  • Wrapping mesh