Customer Management


The Group understands that keeping the customers contented is the key to drive business sustainability. We believe that customer satisfaction is essential in attracting new and retaining existing customers as well as maintaining reputation and brand name. We actively engage with the customers via meetings, email communications and telephone conversations. We also conduct customer satisfaction survey on alternate financial year (“FY”) for steel bar, wire rod, steel mesh, cut and bend customers to collect feedback on how the customers gauge the Group in meeting their expectations in term of sales and marketing service, product quality, complaint management, finance related response, speed of delivery and our e-business platform.


From the survey, we perform impact analysis, acknowledge strengths identified and at the same time, develop mitigation plans to address the weaknesses. The index of Customer Satisfaction Survey is tabulated below:



Supply Chain Management


The Group believes that supply chain management is important for us to remain agile. We aim to manage the supply chain such that the practices can secure stable supply of materials and services at competitive prices with quality and prompt delivery of the products to meet the expectation and specifications.


Our suppliers are the critical partners that influence the achievement of the Group’s business objectives. Active suppliers have been communicated to adhere to the Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics.


Prior to supply of materials and services to the Group, the suppliers are required to go through New Vendor Pre-Qualification process, where due diligence will be conducted to ensure the suppliers are genuine and appropriate.


At the end of each financial year, we will perform supplier/vendor performance assessment. The current rating criteria is based on:

  • Product Application/Quality/Technical Support

  • Delivery

  • Service

  • Packaging/Labelling


The Group will review the rating criteria to include sustainability related matter in future.



  1. Not all operating companies perform supplier rating based on financial year. Some operating companies perform according to calendar year. The practice will be standardised in future.

  2. Supplier’s rating for FY 2022 is to be conducted in Q1 FY 2023.


At the end of the assessment, the suppliers will be rated as “Good”, “Satisfactory” or “Poor”. Those suppliers in the category of “Poor” will be notified to improve on their performance.




The Group believes that seeking continuous innovation is the way to sustain in this dynamic and ever-changing world. With 5S as the foundation to continuous improvement, we aim to foster innovative thinking across all level of personnel.


In FY 2022, the Group organised Kaizen Competition and Annual Innovation Competition and rewarded the employees accordingly as a recognition of their innovative effort. The competitions were conducted virtually to adhere to the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines that were imposed by the government.


SSB also represented Malaysia to participate in 2021 South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute (“SEASI”) Improvement and Quality Competition, an event held under the 2021 SEASI Sustainability and Construction Fortnight e-Event. Our team was ranked as the 1st winner among the participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


Product and Quality


The Group manufactures a wide range of steel products, with the core products as below:

  • Steel bar for construction

  • Wire rod for construction and industrial applications

  • Steel mesh for construction purposes

  • Pre-stressed concrete steel wire and strand for construction

  • Steel pipe for construction and industrial applications.

We also have steel service centres, which tailor in cutting, bending and forming the steel bar according to specific requirement for construction purposes.

We produce our products with rigorous effort and care to ensure that the product quality meets the mutually agreed local and international standards with our customers. Currently, the Group has 29 products with product licence under Product Certification Scheme of SIRIM QAS International.


The main testing laboratory in SSB is an accredited laboratory in accordance with MS ISO 17025:2017 General Requirement for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories by the Department of Standard Malaysia. There is another accredited laboratory in SPC. Both laboratories have their own scope of testing which includes tensile test, bend and re-bend test on steel bars for reinforcement of concrete and steel products; tensile test and relaxation test on strand for pre-stressed concrete; elementary analysis arc spark spectrometry on metal products of stainless steel, carbon and low alloy steel; microstructure and non-metallic inclusion identification on carbon and low alloy steel products.







The Group has also embarked on the journey of progressively getting the products certified with Product Eco-Labelling of SIRIM QAS International. For FY 2022, the Group had successfully attained certificates for steel bar in straight length and wire rod products under Product Eco-Labelling Scheme of SIRIM QAS International.

Please refer to "Product Standard under Quality Achievement" for details of product certification.